10 Life Hacks for Binder Clips That Will Change Your Life

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From an office supply to kitchen and bathroom hacks, there is little that a binder clip cannot do. 
Louis E. Baltzley, the inventor of binder clips, would thank the heavens, for we have finally put his invention into good use that is beyond clipping papers. This office essential seemed to offer multi-purpose use for any organising needs at home that is frugally friendly. They are the next big thing for organising must-haves and many mums who use them already would testify that these nifty little clips are lifesavers.

Still in doubt what these things can do? Learn these innovative life hacks for binder clips that will forever change your life and save your bacon – literally!
1. Smart Phone/ Ipad Holder
The most practical and frugal of holders clamped to a business card. Using your hands is so 2012.

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2. Cable Catcher
Tired of seeing cables snaking around the floor. Hold them up with this amazing trick and enjoy tangle and kink free cables.

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3. Desktop Charging Dock
It only costs around $1 to own an upright desktop charger!

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4. Safety Razor Cover
This is how a razor fastens a seat belt when travelling.

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5. Cord Organizer
Aim for tangle-free earphones and enjoy more time for good music.

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6. Yarn Bowl for Knitting
Staying focused by keeping cats from playing with your wool!

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7. Sponge Holder
It keeps sponge dry and germ-free. Totally a space saver too!

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8. Food Seal Clips
Keep all your fave chips fresh and crispy by tightly sealing it with a clip

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9. Wallet and Key Holder
If you’re thinking of a birthday gift for your husband, this might be a good surprise. Make sure it comes with a manual (just in case he could not figure out how to use it.) Simply pinch the wires together to unhook from the clip, thread your key on and slip the wire back in. Voila!

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10. Toothpaste Squeezer
For the sake of saving your sanity from “those” people who squeeze the toothpaste from the middle, simply roll up, add a binder clip and squeeze to the last drop.

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Try these clever ways to use binder clips for your storage and home organisation. They’re easy and cheap so their won’t be any reason for you not to try these great ideas. Also, try to watch this amazing video and learn more on how these life hacks are simply done.

It’s about time to put them to good use. Or if you ran out of clips, go grab your new fandangled car key and cash holder and head to Officeworks. It’s smart to buy in bulk!
What other creative uses of binder clips that you know? Share your innovation with us!

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Freebies 10LifeHacksForBinderClipsThatWillChangeYourLife LifeHacksForBinderClips TenUsesFor StayAtHomeMum

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