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I had to take a couple days off of posting, but luckily, it has only been a couple of days, and not months or years. (Uff da!) Some of our curriculum arrived last week – well, most of it, aside from a few backordered items – and I spent two full days sorting and organizing. I was going to describe it all, but I think I’ll save that for another post with pictures of our shelving, our rolling cart, etc. But basically, it was one of those, it gets worse before it gets better, kind of deals, with me having our dining room (which is also our homeschool room) in shambles for a time before I got everything nice and neat and tidy. And ORGANIZED. I truly love good organization, I’m just not always good AT it… anyway…

If you’ve been following me the past couple of weeks, I started menu planning again, and stated that I was filling our meals with not only tried and true favorites, but also throwing in new ones here and there. Today, lunch was one of those new ones.

I’ve honestly had this recipe, ripped out of a Kraft Food and Family magazine, in my recipe binder for years, but never tried it. Alfredo is usually a regular in our rotation – but generally chicken alfredo, with either fettuccini or cheese stuffed tortellini, which is quite a bit more work than this version. I decided this would be a ‘lighter’, thinner, alfredo after looking at the ingredients and being (almost) one pot, a great option for a noon meal.

As I said, this again, is NOT my recipe, but it was too good not to share. A couple of notes – I did add a splash of heavy cream to the sauce, but only because I had it on hand, definitely not a make or break deal. McKenna and Jon said they would prefer if it had broccoli instead of peas. Kylar and I both commented it could easily have other meat options substituted for the bacon, such as left over chicken (say, from a rotisserie chicken or such), or even shrimp.

If done as written, it is a one pot meal – which is always a bonus. However, we always have bacon on hand, so rather than buy precooked bacon, I just made some myself, which is why I had to use a skillet, also.

The website has a couple variations suggested – one with spinach and sundried tomatoes – that I may also try, as it adds yet another slightly different meal option to the rotation.

So without further, ado, here it is! I won’t bother retyping it, when it’s available right on their website, which I’ve linked below. And again, no, I’m not sponsored by Kraft and get no kick backs (darn it! lol). So, I’m definitely not being paid for a favorable review, we just genuinely enjoyed it well enough to share.

Simple and Creamy Tortellini Alfredo

Simple & Creamy Tortellini Alfredo; That lovely bouquet in the background was picked by Leslee and Jon – simple prairie wildflowers.

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