As the year comes to an end, it can be easy to shove your teaching materials into storage and “deal with it” next school year

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I get it! We are all tired and ready for summer break! But what if you can start your year organized, prepped, and ready to go? Here are a few tips on setting yourself up for next year while wrapping up this year.

Before you dive into all these great tips, grab this EOY Checklist (best of all, it’s FREE!) In this freebie, you will find places you can put the tips below into action. Each category follows a tip, so as you wrap up your year, you can check those items off your list! There are multiple options to choose from, so use what works best for you. Just enter your name and email below, and let’s get organized!

1. Purge

Do you dread opening your filing cabinet? Is your Google Drive a place of chaos? Now is time to purge!

Purge Your Files

Are you really going to use that lesson plan from October 2018? Go through your files and recycle/delete those papers you haven’t touched or looked at since you put them there. Toss multiple copies; you only need one! Get your filing cabinet in order so that next year you breathe a sigh of relief instead of a gasp when you open it in August.

Purge Your Resources

Review your classroom library (or have your students do this) for damaged books to repair, recycle, or give away. Check your bins, games, and other items for broken or missing parts. If they can’t be fixed or found, donate or toss. Doing these things will give you a sense of what you may need for next year.

2. Organize

Now that you have recycled and tossed all unnecessary files and materials, it is time to organize! 

Store and Label Classroom Management Games

One of the best ways to prepare for next year while packing up is storing and labeling classroom management games. You can do this by using bins or binders so they are easily found and ready to go. Storing classroom management games in sleeve protectors and creating a binder for them is one way to stay organized. Another way is to use bins with labels. Both ways make it easy for you to pull and go when you are ready to use the resource. Prepping management games now will help you set expectations from day one! To read more about how to organize your classroom management games and get these labels for FREE, click HERE!

Classroom Management BINGO

Classroom management can be a doozy! I wanted something fun and engaging to help my students stay engaged and focused. I love changing up what I use in my classroom to help my students manage behaviors. These classroom bingo boards are perfect!


Organize Classroom Storage Places

Another way to get organized now for the next school year is by getting your storage closet/cabinet in order. This is the perfect time to get a list going of items you may need for next year. 

Have you ever gone back in August to set up your classroom and you can’t find any supplies you need?!  I have. Many times! It took me a few years to incorporate my next tip – prepare a classroom setup bin! Label it clearly, and put it at the very front of your storage area. Putting things like scissors, tape, stapler, and student labels helps you locate these items for a quick setup especially if you have to put your classroom away completely over the summer.

Here are some other places to organize:

Google Drive (Read a post on this here)
Teacher desk/cart
Label big items if being taken out for cleaning
Bulletin boards
Classroom library
Teacher Toolbox

3. Set Yourself Up for Next Year

You have successfully purged and organized your resources. A few last things you can do is check off some items on your summer to-do list.  

Make Copies for Next Year

If you are staying in the same or similar grade level, plan and make your copies for the first week! You can copy “get to know you” activities, reading notebook inserts, family info packet, etc. Having this done will give you more time and energy to focus elsewhere.

Another tip, is to plan out your classroom theme and decor for next year and start printing and prepping it. This resource has everything you need to set up your classroom in an organized way! Plus, it all matches and correlates! Win win!

Set Up Your Classroom Bundle

This bundle comes with everything you need to set up your classroom for the new year in bright and simple colors! Everything coordinates and is all editable!

Yes Please!

Refresh Bulletin Boards

Refresh your room decor and bulletin boards. If you can, redo your bulletin boards so that you have one less thing to worry about in the new year. Replace any that need to be cleaned up and get your schedule cards ready!

Laminate and Prep Displays

Laminate and prep your calendar and other displays, and your classroom will look put together from the start. 

Create a List of Professional Developments

Nothing makes me feel more organized and prepared than starting a BRAND NEW planner for the next school year! I suggest purchasing a planner (either digital or printable) and writing down important dates that you already know.  Important events like the first day of school, team meetings, and any professional development you have planned over the summer.

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