Have you ever felt frustrated by piles of paper mounting up on your desk, your counters, or shoved in a work bag?  Most of us can’t keep up with what is coming in each day.  That’s why one of my first recommendations when I meet with client’s...

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A tickler file system is simply a way to corral papers into simple categories for quick reference.  Most common tickler files are file folders reachable on your desk top.  Everyone has their own custom needs for categories, but most paperwork should fall into the following categories:







Household categories are also popular to help manage every day papers or tasks that must be acted upon:






Life’s Lists Tickler File System
Another popular way to use a tickler file system is to organize paperwork by month.  I like this system for storing my paid bills and bank statements for the year.  At then end I pull them all out and store what I need for tax purposes in a tax back-up folder or envelope.

Some go even a step further and use a daily system in conjunction with the month tabs.  They can place paperwork they want to act on or need on a given day in the corresponding number for that month.  Each month you begin rotating the numbers again.

Lastly, another popular system I use is a Quick Portable File System for those who don’t want to have a full file cabinet, but just need a portable box for important paperwork.  The categories I like to use are:




Vital Docs







Life’s Lists Portable Filing System
Setting up these systems can be overwhelming.  That’s why I created a printable document for you that includes all of the above mentioned systems in multiple color choices.  Just choose the ones that works best for you. 
Life’s Lists Tickler File System – Black Tabs
One of the luxuries of having a professional organizer come to your home is that we create the system for you so you don’t have to waste time doing it yourself.  All you have to do is sort the paper you need and place it in the categories already provided.  Having a system of categories ready to go allows you to organize your paper quickly and effortlessly. Click here to start making your own system now: Tickler File Tabs Download

We also offer other instant filing systems for paper and information:

Life’s Lists Life Binder:  A reference system to keep all of your most important household information and lists.

Life’s Lists Instant Filing System:  A complete filing system for homes and business that guides you on what paperwork to keep and toss.

We are here for you if you need further help. Sometimes the decisions of what to keep/toss are the hardest part. That’s why we offer hands-on and virtual help to help you get started. Contact us today with any questions: info@livablesolutions.com or 203-623-5665.

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