“I Expect Everyone To Lose Weight”: Bride Sends An Insane List Of Rules To Her Bridesmaid

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We’ve all heard stories about over-controlling nuptial freaks, aka Bridezillas, who take wedding planning to a surreal level of craziness resembling the Kardashians’ show. Some of that juicy stuff ends up in the Wedding Shaming subreddit and you can read entertaining and hand-selected wedding dramas from there in our previous posts here and here.

This story also comes from the same subreddit. The redditor u/justasianenough shared an incident on how, to her very big surprise, she was invited to be a bridesmaid for her best friend’s sister who was always very “mean” to her. With red flags already coming from the complicated relationship the author and the bride have had throughout the years, it got way crazier when the bride sent out the list of bridesmaid rules.

Written in a rude tone of voice, the list included things like asking the potential bridesmaids to lose weight and not get pregnant as they’ll be uninvited. Apparently, bridesmaids had two choices: to either ‘suck it up’ or ‘drop out now,’ wrote the bride and got everyone’s eyes on the subreddit rolling big time.

The author was invited to be a bridesmaid for her BFF’s sister who was always mean to her, but she didn’t expect a crazy list of bridesmaid rules that followed

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Here’s the whole story from the author who received a list of rules the bridezilla sent out to her bridesmaids

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The bridezilla phenomenon is very well-documented in the abundance of stories surfing around the internet. So to find out an expert’s take on why some brides-to-be become so overly controlling, rude and chaotic when saying ‘I Do’ is right on the finish line, Bored Panda contacted Annabel Candler, a professional wedding planner and consultant.

“You know you have come across a Bridezilla when they keep having to correct themselves when they say ‘…but it’s my special day!! I mean our day!’. They will vent steam when someone tries to change the plan or offer a suggestion beyond the meticulous theming,” Annabel said when asked how you know you’ve encountered a Bridezilla.

Although Annabel hasn’t actually ‘luckily’ met one, she said that “it seems many films and sitcoms have captured the occurrence well. Take a look at Monica in Friends for a start; The huge binder, the obsession, the stress!” And there are a few certain factors for a Bridezilla to develop. “It’s when wedding planning has been in their minds since they could walk or perfection is a factor in most of their life. There is passion and love there, but it might manifest into a monstrous attitude if not carefully managed.”

And when it comes to telling your bridesmaids how they should look, Annabel said it really depends on a particular situation. She also recommended getting the budget down before committing to any bridesmaid promises. “You can offer to pay for the dresses, but you can also be super flexible with styles. Mix and match, same color but different styles, or vice versa.”

“But you don’t have to buy a ‘bridesmaid dress’ either,” Annabel said. “They are just dresses, so hunt beyond that description. Also think about who are bridesmaids: their hair color, body shape, confidence level, etc.,” she said, adding that in order for a bridesmaid to be “a team player, they need to feel great!”

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