If you’re looking for a royal color scheme for your wedding, consider using purple and grey

PurpleAndGreyWedding Wedding

From lilac and muted grey to plum and slate grey, there are so many different shades of purple and grey you can incorporate into your wedding’s color scheme.

To help you create your perfect purple and grey color scheme, we’ve gathered 40 ideas for how to use these beautiful colors in your wedding. Whether you’re looking for a pastel palette for a spring wedding or bold shades for a fall or winter wedding, these purple and grey wedding ideas will help you.
1. Lavender Wedding Cake

Sprigs of lavender or lavender-colored flowers are an elegant decoration for your wedding cake. For an added bit of color, decorate the base of the cake with lavender and muted grey ribbons.
2. Floral Stationery Suite
Get your guests excited about your wedding by using these colors in your stationery suite. To make the wedding invitations pop, decorate with purple and grey floral illustrations.
3. Lavender Wedding Dress
Light lavender is a beautiful shade to use in your wedding dress. To bring in some grey, include a muted grey sash on the dress. Or, you could use unique grey roses in your bouquet.
4. Floral Table Runner
A bold purple and grey floral table runner will look great draped across the center of your table. Incorporate a few different shades of purple and grey flowers into the garland—for example, you could pair muted grey roses and grey thistles with bold violets and pastel lilacs.
5. Purple Calla Lily Bouquets and Boutonnieres

Calla lilies will look lovely as the centerpiece of your bridal bouquet. These flowers come in a wide variety of shades, from light lilac to bold plum, making them perfect for any purple and grey wedding. For a uniform look, consider also using calla lilies in the groom and groomsmen’s boutonnieres.
6. Lavender and Muted Grey Mason Jar Décor
Paint mason jars muted grey, and then fill them with stacks of lavender. For added texture, tie a piece of burlap twine around the mason jars. You could use this décor as a centerpiece, or you could use it to decorate your dessert table and snack bar. This rustic DIY wedding idea will work perfectly for anyone using lavender and muted grey in their color scheme.
7. Boho Chic Flower Crowns
Add a boho-chic flair to your big day by wearing a purple and grey flower crown. Choose shades of purple that match your overall color scheme—for instance, if you’re going for a deep purple and dark grey color scheme, use violets and grey roses in your flower crown.
8. Deep Purple Ties
A bold deep purple tie will work well with a dark grey suit. For contrast, use a mixture of white and light purple flowers in the groom and groomsmen’s boutonnieres.
9. Wine Box Centerpiece
Fill a vintage wooden wine box with bright purple and grey flowers to create a unique centerpiece. You could also add deep purple grapes and white hydrangeas for contrast.
10. Purple Signature Cocktails

Bring your color scheme into your signature drink by creating purple cocktails! If you’re going for a more pastel color scheme, you could do a lavender-flavored cocktail. Or, if you’re going for a deep purple color scheme, try a dragon fruit cocktail.
11. Orchid Boutonnieres
Delicate orchids are a good choice for a groom and groomsmen’s boutonnieres. To fit into your color scheme, consider tying the orchids together with a grey ribbon.
12. Ombre Wedding Dress
If you’re looking for ways to incorporate purple and grey into your wedding dress, try an ombre dress. This ethereal dress features a few different shades of purple that all blend together beautifully.
13. Light Grey Suit and Lavender Bowties
A light grey suit and a lavender bowtie work wonderfully together! Pair this suit with a boutonniere featuring a sprig of lavender or a lavender-colored rose.
14. Dusty Purple Rose Wedding Cake
Dusty purple roses and grey roses look beautiful decorating a wedding cake. These decorations work well with a wide variety of cakes, from nearly naked cakes to a cake featuring classic white frosting.
15. Bridesmaids Dresses

Purple and grey bridesmaids’ dresses complement each other beautifully! You could even feature a few different shades of purple, such as lilac and plum.
16. Lilac Bouquets
Lilacs will look great in a bride and bridesmaids’ bouquets. Try using a few different shades of lilacs to make these bouquets pop.
17. Violet and Orchid Centerpieces
Violets and orchids are a wonderful centerpiece choice. There are so many shades of orchids to choose from, meaning these flowers work well for any purple and grey color scheme. To add more grey to your centerpiece, place the flowers in a grey vase.
18. Ombre Purple Wedding Cake
If you’re looking for a unique way to bring your color scheme into your wedding cake, use an ombre effect on your cake. Start with a lighter purple, and then move to a darker shade.
19. Hanging Rose and Lilac Decorations
Place lilacs and dusty purple roses in a vintage silver birdcage to create a stunning, ornate hanging decoration. For some more color, include some green vines or baby’s breath.
20. Lavender and Light Grey Table Runner

Bring lavender and light grey into your tablescape by using a delicate chiffon table runner. These two colors will work well together, and they’ll make your tables pop.
21. Lavender Place Cards
Attach a sprig of lavender to light grey place cards to create a lovely, fragrant place card. Consider using a dark grey font on the card for contrast.
22. Purple and Grey Menu Card
Bring your color scheme into your menu cards by using purple and grey in the background and font. You could go for a deep purple background paired with silver font. Or, you can use a light grey background and a bold purple font.
23. Plum and Grey Table Settings
If you’re using a plum and grey color scheme, bring these colors into your table settings by decorating with plum napkins and grey napkin holders. You could also use plum or grey tablecloths.
24. Purple and Silver High Heels
Purple and silver high heels are a good way to bring a bit of your color scheme into your bridal attire. To create a uniform look, choose a shade of shoes that match your bouquet and your overall color scheme.
25. Purple and Grey Macarons

Macarons are always a hit at a dessert bar. Offer a few different types of purple macarons, from deep purple blackberry-flavored macarons to light lavender ones. You can also serve earl grey-flavored macarons to bring more grey into your dessert table.
26. Lilac and Muted Grey Wedding Dress
Pale lilac is a lovely choice for a wedding dress. This shade of purple works well with a muted grey, and these two shades will look beautiful together on your dress.
27. Plum Bridesmaid Dresses
Bring bold plum into your bridal party by using plum bridesmaids’ dresses. Since this is a deeper shade of purple, pair the dresses with a lavender or lilac bouquet.
28. Lavender Soap Favors
Lavender soap is a wonderful favor idea—your guests will love taking home this fragrant favor. If you’re going for a rustic look with your favors, tie a piece of burlap around the soap, and attach a sprig of lavender.
29. Deep Purple and Silver Place Cards
If you’re searching for place card ideas, try using a deep purple background and silver font. Your guests will love these eye-catching place cards.
30. Lilac Stationery Suite

Lilacs will look beautiful on your wedding stationery suite, and you can pair these floral cards with a silver or slate grey font. Your guests will be so excited to receive these lilac invitations and RSVP cards.
31. Moody Purple and Dark Grey Wedding Cake
This purple and dark grey wedding cake is perfect for a fall or winter wedding. The black frosting makes the purple and grey flowers pop, and the illustrated flowers add a unique touch to the cake.
32. Violet Wedding Invitations
If you’re planning on using violets in your wedding florals, consider using these flowers as decorations on your invitations. Decorate your invitation with illustrations of violets, and use a violet or grey font.
33. Plum and Silver Chair Sash
Add a bit of color to your wedding tables’ chairs by attaching a plum sash to each of the chairs. Add a silver broach to the center of sashes to make them pop.
34. Lilac Table Setting
Place a sprig of lilac on each of your guests’ table settings, and pair these flowers with a grey or silver napkin. You could also use these two shades of purple and grey in your menu cards.
35. Earl Grey Wedding Favor

If you’re looking for a delicious wedding favor idea, try giving your guests jars of earl grey tea. To add purple to this favor, tie a lilac or lavender ribbon around the top of the jar.
36. Floating Orchid Centerpieces
Purple orchids floating in water are a beautiful centerpiece idea. You could place these orchids in cylindrical vases and submerge them completely in water, or you could use a shallower vase and float orchids petals on top of the water.
37. Dusty Purple Roses Centerpieces
Pale dusty purple roses will look wonderful in the center of your wedding tables. Place these lovely roses in a silver vase and decorate with violets or ferns to add some more color to your centerpiece.
38. Lavender and Earl Grey Dessert Bar
Earl Grey and lavender pair well together, and desserts in these flavors will work wonderfully with your purple and grey color scheme. You could offer everything from lavender and earl grey cheesecake to cupcakes that feature these two flavors.
39. Hydrangea Table Runner
This stunning hydrangea table runner incorporates tons of different shades of purple, from pastel shades to deep purple. Pair this table runner with a grey tablecloth.
40. Photo Backdrop or Arch

Your guests will love taking photos in front of a backdrop featuring purple and grey flowers. For the decor, try using bold and dramatic floral arrangements paired with white or grey accents to create a stunning backdrop or altar.

If you’re planning on having a purple and grey color scheme at your wedding, jot some of these ideas down in your DIY wedding binder. These ideas will help you create a beautiful color scheme for your wedding!

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PurpleAndGreyWedding Wedding

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