Many DIY projects make use of simple and basic items in unexpected and ingenious ways


Copper pipes are a good example because they’re very versatile and can be included of projects both big and small. If you haven’t used them in any of your projects before then you’re in for a treat.


In need for a new desk? Why don’t you try building one yourself? This way you have more freedom when deciding what size it should be, the height it should have, etc. It doesn’t have to be a complicated project, not if you choose to build the base out of copper pipes and fittings. Add a wooden top with a natural finish to maintain a pure and simple look. If you like how this two-person desk looks like, check out the instructions for it on mountainmodernlife.

You can also use copper pipes to build a bunch of small things such as this iPad stand for example. It’s something that could be useful in the kitchen when you’re browsing recipes online or watching videos. You could also keep this on your desk.

A copper pipe magazine holder could also be a cool little project. It might actually be very useful, not just cool-looking as it would help keep some of the clutter at bay. All you need for this project is a copper pipe (2 meters long), a pipe cutter, 12 copper 90 degree connectors and some strong adhesive.

Speaking of magazine holders, here’s another design idea, also very easy to put together and with lots of potential. This time the list of supplies needed for the project includes not only copper pipe pieces and connectors but also a piece of wool felt which is used to create a sort of flexible pocket in which the magazines are kept. It’s a copper magazine holder with a twist.

A copper pipe jewelry stand would also look pretty stylish in addition to also being practical. You could make one for yourself or as a gift for someone else. You’re going to need a copper pipe, a pipe cutter, a drill, glue, T fittings and a piece of wood for the base.

Using a wood board, a few copper pipe elbows, a dowel and some glue you can make a hanger which you can attach to the wall with screws. Use it in the kitchen to hang and organize your utensils or add it yo the entryway. The copper wall hooks are quite versatile plus this project can be done with a very small budget which is a big plus.

Free up some space on your counter with a hanging paper towel holder which you can make yourself out of a copper pipe and a few fittings. You can attach this to the underside of a wall-mounted cabinet. Pick a spot that makes sense in your kitchen such as close to the prep area or to the sink.


A copper plant stand similar to the one featured on diyinpdx might look great in your home, especially if you also have other copper accents in the room. You can craft the stand yourself and for that you need a copper pipe, 8 copper Ts, 8 copper tube caps, glue and a pipe cutter.


A ladder might not sound like the type of thing you would need in your home but consider just how versatile it actually is. You could for example craft a custom blanket holder with a ladder-inspired design. For that you can use a bunch of wooden dowels and copper pipe fittings. Check out bobvila to find out more about this project.

The copper pipes don’t necessarily have to be the main ingredient when it comes to many DIY home projects. These stylish candle holders make good use of little bit of copper pipe but they’re not necessarily defined by them. If you like the look, check out the project details on johannarundel.

Copper pipes are great for building frames or bases for various pieces of furniture such as a coffee table for example. This table featured on forme-foryou has a copper pipe base and a wooden top, a combination that’s both aesthetic and convenient.

If you like both the look of copper pipes and the idea of a ladder as a towel or blanket holder, combine these elements and create something special for your home. Building a copper pipe ladder is super easy once you have all the supplies. You need pipe pieces, 4 copper caps, 10 Ts and a pipe cutter. You can use glue to make sure the pieces stay connected. If you need more details, check out thevintagerugshop.

A few copper accents throughout the house can make the spaces look chic and glamorous and it’s wonderful that there are so many DIY project ideas that let you do this. One such project is this copper pipe wall sconce featured on camillestyles.

This copper pipe lamp is something that you can craft for your office desk, bedroom nightstand or that cozy reading corner from your living room. It has a cool geometric design, it’s sturdy, eye-catching and easy to build. You can check out manmadediy to find out all the details of the project.

As versatile as copper pipes are, they’re not useful if you opt for a design with smooth curves and flowing lines. In that case you should use copper tubing. This twisted copper lamp is a perfect example. Check out housebecominghome to find out how it was made.

A bunch of copper pipe frames displayed on a wall can definitely add a chic and stylish vibe to a room so keep that in mind if you feel the need to refresh your home’s interior decor. The frames are super easy to make and all you need is copper pipe pieces, a pipe cutter, glue and copper elbows. Add a copper clip on each one so you can hang them. The idea comes from ajoyfulriot.

Of course, we can’t end this list without mentioning copper pipe shelves. They’re super versatile and easy to make and they’re a wonderful option for spaces such as the kitchen, pantry or even the living room or the bathroom if you like the industrial vibe that they add to the decor. Check out heylilahey to find out how to build them.

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