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Large Family Homeschool Life – Week 22 of 2021

The Renaissance, the library, and an outing that didn’t go as planned (including hitting a deer) made this week rather exciting!

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It’s a rainy day here. Yesterday, we saw a bobcat by the creek – not expecting that today with all the rain.

I had peanut butter and banana toast and coffee for breakfast. I use a caramel protein shake in my coffee as creamer – so good!

After breakfast, I prepped for school this week. We are starting a new unit tomorrow in Tapestry of Grace on the Renaissance! It is several weeks long and full of art lessons!

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I woke up everyone who wasn’t already up. They got dressed, ate breakfast, and did their chores.

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For Morning Time, we did GrapeVine (read my review HERE), Sound Words, and used our Impressionism for Children book to do a quick art study. It just happened to be Van Gogh’s Roses which are white and led perfectly into the War of the Roses we are studying today!

We read in Story of the World and Our Island Story about the War of the Roses and followed the family tree included in Tapestry of Grace. Then, we discussed our upcoming Medieval Feast. The last time we did this, the kids were so much younger! You can see that old post HERE >>

Then, we moved to the living room and read in The Fallacy Detective and The Way of the Wilderking.

By that time, it was close to lunch time, so I gave kids the choice of eating lunch first or doing school first. Lunch is pretty low key around here since we almost always have soup, salad, or sandwiches (or leftovers).

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If you’ve been reading these weekly posts, you know that we took a bit of a break from Teaching Textbooks math mainly because I had not been diligent about drilling math facts and checking their lessons. For the past several weeks since they finished their last grades of Teaching Textbooks, I’ve had the boys work on those facts via Khan and Math Seeds (a part of the Reading Eggs app). They took placement tests today for Teaching Textbooks, and it is clear they are more than ready for the next levels of their math! Yay!

After lunch, I did Tapestry of Grace Primer with the younger 3 kids. Aspen (6) was super excited about the Bible stories and activity pages!

Then, I taught my 16 year old how to write an essay. We used the myth of Hades and Persephone to draw out 3 points and write a 5 paragraph essay using those points. She caught on quickly, but wasn’t very patient with the actual editing process. She likes to “knock things out” (her words) and the whole rough draft to final draft concept wasn’t something she was happy about. Unfortunately, it’s just part of it, dearie.

Later in the afternoon, I worked on show notes for Podcast #104 – Large Family Meal Planning Basics.

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104 DITL Homeschooling

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