When it comes to Christmas gifts for your friends, you want something that’s functional and commemorates your special history together

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Whether you’ve been friends since childhood or met at work, a heartfelt gift shows how much they mean to you.

Our list of 90 Christmas gift ideas for friends will help you be proud of the gifts you give. From personalized notepads to luggage tags, we hope you find something for each special person in your life. Whether you’re looking for DIY Christmas ornaments or food gifts for Christmas, our list has it all.
1. Custom Vase
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Fresh blooms, whether it’s an evergreen arrangement or a spring bouquet of flowers, adds life to any space. Customize a glass vase with your friend’s initials or an inspiring quote, like one from their favorite author. They can use it on their coffee table or home bar all year long.
2. Mouse Pad
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Who says work should be serious all the time? Dress up a coworker or friend’s desk with a custom mouse pad. Choose light-hearted or goofy photos, like snapshots of their cat or kids.
3. Friend Date
If you and your friend are always busy and it’s hard to spend time together, create a book of coupons they can redeem all year long. Brunch, happy hour, a shopping trip and a hike or nature walk are all great ideas. Include specific dates for events of local happenings or leave it open ended to encourage your creativity.
4. Small Gift
One of your friend dates could take you to a new store or gift shop. While you’re there, pick out a small trinket for your friend to keep the gift-giving alive all year long. Who says you should only show you care around the holidays?
5. Holiday Movie Night
Host a fun holiday movie night for your closest friends! Pop popcorn, get movie theater candy, put out pillows and blankets, and put on a movie everyone will love. At the end of the night, send them home with a goodie bag of some of the snacks and a movie theater gift card so they can keep the silver screen magic alive.
6. Grill Master
Is your neighbor in charge of the grill? Keep the fire going as summer gets closer with a new set of grill tools. If they’re more adventurous with what’s cookin’ on the coals, find a unique accessory for them to try—like a smoker or beer can cooker.
7. Desk Decorations
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Looking for secret Santa gifts for the office? Design custom decorations, like a frame collage or notepad, to liven their workspace.
8. Personalized Shot Glasses
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Have a friend who loves making margaritas or long islands? Give the gift of a personalized shot glass. Design your gift with favorite photos, messages or quotes. These are great to personalize for a newly married couple.
9. Herb Garden
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Fill mason jars with scrumptious herbs like basil, mint and oregano. This indoor herb garden can rest on the kitchen’s windowsill—easy for grabbing fresh ingredients while cooking dinner.
10. Photo Charm
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Bring a personal touch to your friend’s wardrobe with a beautiful, unique piece of jewelry. Design a custom charm that can be strung on a necklace chain or worn on a bracelet. Choose a gold or silver plating, depending on your friend’s preference and style.
11. Photo Board
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Fill your friend’s home with their favorite people and places. Build a photo board out of an empty frame and chicken wire. Clip printed photos to the board so when they open their gift, all they’ll need to do is find a blank wall to hang it on.
12. Personalized Bottle Opener
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Looking for a gift for the soda or beer lover in your life? A custom bottle opener makes both a personal and practical gift. Choose a special photo and message to make your gift complete.
13. Photo Prints
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From portraits of their kids to vacation highlights, print a series of photos that will bring life to any space. You can frame them or leave them separate—allowing your friend to create an arrangement that matches their style.
14. Spring Has Sprung
While it may be cold and wintry outside, spring will be here before we know it. If your friend is an avid gardener, gift them a collection of seasonal seeds to make their garden bloom when the weather starts warming up. If they live in an apartment or aren’t known for their green thumb, start small—a kit of basics for growing a planter of herbs or flowers will get them started on the right foot.
15. Festive Water Bottle
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Keep your friend hydrated while on the go with a personalized water bottle. Opt for a photo or uplifting message that will put a smile on their face even on the busiest of days.
16. Baby Bag
For a new parent, having everything they need in one spot is one of the best gifts they could ever receive. Fill a shoulder bag or backpack with all the baby essentials—diapers, wipes, pacifiers, hand sanitizer and a few snacks for the parents.
17. Manicure Kit
Let’s be honest—manicures can really add up. For your friend who loves to pamper every month, give them the gift of an at-home pedicure. Include a few new shades of nail polish, top coat, cuticle cream and a nail file to keep their claws looking fabulous without breaking the bank.
18. Local Provisions
Is there a local farm or winery? Whether your friend has been there before or not, they’ll love a collection of treats from close to home. Jams and jellies, wine, cheese, and fruits and veggies from nearby will brighten up their kitchen for the holidays and maybe even inspire some new recipes.
19. Tea Towel
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If you’re hoping for practical Christmas gift ideas for your friends, look no further. A custom tea towel has a myriad of uses: from wrapping baked goods to decorating a guest bathroom. If they’re an avid baker, take it a step further and include a new bread pan or cookbook.
20. Photo Coasters
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Collect your favorite memories from the year and turn them into an unforgettable gift. A set of photo coasters will charm your friend’s year, from sipping hot cocoa in the wintertime to lemonade in the summer.
21. Pressed Wood Wall Art
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Transfer stamps, letters and artwork onto smooth wood pieces. With wax paper and a home printer, you can create rustic, farmhouse or vintage designs. Your friend will adore each piece—knowing it was created just for them.
22. My Girls
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For a loving parent, give them the gift of family and fun. They can use these unique playing cards all year long to enjoy some quality time with their kids.
23. Photo Mug
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Customize a cup for their morning joe or chai tea. With a photo or phrase, you can create a crisp, professional design. Each time your friend reaches for it, they’ll know you made it just for them.
24. Champagne Flute
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Have a friend on your list who you always share brunch and mimosas with? Customize a glass flute with their name, an inside joke or an inspiring quote. Next time you share pancakes, you’ll have something fun to cheers with.
25. Dinner Party Essentials
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We all have that friend that hosts the best dinner parties and happy hours. Make their job easier with the basics they need to host a crowd. From a bouquet of flowers and mixed nuts to a new bottle of something festive, they’ll be grateful and ready to throw a celebration at any time.
26. Engraved Jewelry
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When we’re given a special piece of jewelry for our collection, we think of that person every time we wear it. That’s what makes this Christmas gift so precious: it’s gorgeous and becomes a cherished keepsake.
27. Snap Away
Whether your friend is a novice or an old pro when it comes to photography, they’ll love adding to their collection of cameras. Find a new model they don’t have, like an instant camera, or browse vintage shops to find a one-of-a-kind model thta fits their style. Anything that inspires their love for picture-taking is a win.
28. Floral Journal
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For your friend who loves gardening, this floral journal makes for a heartfelt Christmas gift. When they open it to record memories or jot down notes, they’ll be reminded of the beauty of your friendship.
29. Pop-Up Canvas Planter
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Looking for unique Christmas gift ideas for friends? Consider canvas artwork that mimics a flower vase. Fill it with long-lasting blooms and greenery like eucalyptus.
30. Homemade Candle
While a candle you buy at a shop is a lovely gift, one you craft specifically for your friend is one they’ll cherish. It’s a great way to individualize their gift as well. Use natural dyes to make it their favorite color and include an assortment of essential oils to match their taste. Whether they love to relax or they’re always on the go, you can customize a scent that’s perfect for them.
31. Photo Wreath
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Surround your friend with memories that will last a lifetime. Spray paint a hula hoop in a metallic color like gold or bronze, then add greenery on the edge for extra character. Hang photos with clear wire to display the best moments from the past year.
32. Everywhere Bag
Do you have a friend who’s always on the go, from the office to the gym to the park? Give them the gift of organization—a carry-all bag with compartments and pouches will keep everything in its right place. Being on the move doesn’t have to be stressful when everything they need is at their fingertips.
33. Cute Coin Purse
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Brighten your friend’s purse or wallet with a half-moon coin purse. It fits spare change or tiny items like chapstick. Choose a fabric with a fun design like raindrops, hearts or stars.
34. Cloth Coasters
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Whether you have a friend who recently bought a house or loves to barbeque with a cold cocktail in hand, these adorable coasters liven any space. Choose a fabric that represents your friend, such as a citrus theme or a floral pattern.
35. Bedroom Display
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Hanging terrariums and an over-the-bed shelf bring charm and greenery to any home. Build your own floating garden with glass spheres and jute rope to build both modern and natural decor for your friend’s space. The shelf can be used as a night stand replacement in a small space.
36. Boxed Wall Plants
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Create an eclectic spread of DIY art. Fill colorful boxes with indoor plants like succulents and air plants. Your friend can arrange them in fun patterns on their wall or set them on a mantel for a more sophisticated look.
37. Parenting Bliss
If you know a new mom or dad who’s loving their new life but may just need a break, babysitting is just about the best gift you can give them. To make it even more special, plan them out a special evening. Include a dinner reservation and movie tickets. Or, if they’d rather take it easy, a spa appointment can help them relax.
38. Audio Heaven
For your resident music buff or audiophile, gift them a new set of speakers or headphones. If they’re always on the move, a wireless set of earbuds or a mini bluetooth speaker will keep their listening portable and convenient. Check out the latest products to figure out the best option for them.
39. Vintage Tunes
To go along with their new speakers or headphones, an original record pressing from one of their favorite artists is sure to be a highlight of their collection. Even if the record is scratched up and won’t play, they’ll love the novelty of owning something so unique.
40. Music Lessons
If the audiophile is harder to shop for but is interested in learning a new instrument, gift them a package of lessons. Whether it’s for the piano or guitar, they’ll be able to turn their passion for listening into a passion for playing. Who knows, maybe they’ll write you a piece someday!
41. Letter Art
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Jazz up a spot in your friend’s home with custom wall art. Spell “eat,” “love” or “laugh” with framed letter art. Select photos that correspond with the word to form a cohesive look.
42. Personalized Potholder
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Have a friend who loves to bake? Give your favorite chef a potholder that’s designed just for them. Personalize the front pocket with a pre-made design or one of your own favorite photos.
43. Heart Paper Weight
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Bring joy to your friend’s desk with a photo paper weight. Personalize the glass paper weight with photos and text. Whether they work long hours or use their desk mostly for hobbies, this thoughtful gift will make them smile each time they see it.
44. Custom Pottery
Your city or town is bound to have a local artist that sells their pottery. Check out their shop in person or online to find a few pieces your friend would love. Even better, pair it with a pottery class so you can learn how to craft your own designs together.
45. DIY Bookmarks
Press flowers, embroider a piece of fabric or paint some cardstock. Whatever genre your friend loves most, you can craft custom bookmarks to go with every title on their shelf.
46. Quilting Kit
If your friend loves knitting, crocheting or all things sewing, quilting is a great activity to get started on. Start with the basics: fabric, a sewing kit and a book of basics. There are likely even local quilting classes you can give them a giftcard to. They’ll be crafting new creations in no time at all.
47. Interior Design
Do you have a friend who loves all things interior design? Whether they’re always looking for their next project or just love to redecorate for the people in their life, gift them a coffee table book of design ideas and iconic projects to keep their inspiration sparked all year.
48. Stemless Wine Glass
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Looking for gifts for wine lovers? Whether they love pinot noir or chardonnay, a custom wine glass will make their favorite beverage even richer. Choose a phrase that will inspire them, such as a quote from an author, poet or friend.
49. Wine Subscription
To go with their new glasses, a monthly wine subscription will keep their wine fridge full all year long. If they have a favorite, it’s a great way to bolster their collection, but it’s also a great way to try new blends.
50. Cozy Comfort
If your friend has just moved, the holidays are a great time to make sure their home is comfortable. Bean bags aren’t just for kids—an adult-sized one can make any den or movie room the favorite spot in the house. If your friend has more refined taste, gift them a more structured pouf that can also be used as an ottoman.
51. Framed Magnetic Board
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Design a fun way for your friend to display photos, artwork and notes. Complete a custom framed magnetic board with hand-selected photos and sentiments for a one-of-a-kind backdrop—perfect for their kitchen or office.
52. Fun Notepad
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Everyone has to-do lists and reminders. Why not make it fun? Design a custom notepad with an uplifting phrase like, “you go, girl” or “you got this!”
53. Rustic Elegance
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If your friend has a gallery wall in their home or office, help them complement the look with individual pieces. A woven wicker basket and wall planters can provide the rustic and homey feel their space needs.
54. Crochet Beanie
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Keep your friend warm and cozy during the winter months with a handmade beanie. A simple pattern will show you how to make this practical keepsake.
55. Woven Mittens
If you’re a talented knitter or crocheter, pair their new beanie with a set of cozy mittens. Match the yarns or introduce a new shade for a unique look. You’ll be sure to keep them warm all winter long!
56. Quote Book
Everyone needs a little inspiration every now and then. Compile a book of inspiring quotes categorized by subject for your friend to read through every time they need a boost. Include some of your homemade bookmarks so they can always go back to their favorite pages.
57. Air Plant
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Looking for Christmas gift ideas for your boss? Fill a vase with a beautiful air plant, like juncea or green abdita. They can display it in their office or at home. Add a ribbon around the vase for a festive touch.
58. Acrylic Print
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Have you ever given or received a Christmas gift that was easily forgotten about? That won’t happen with an acrylic print. Turn a favorite photo into a work of art that can be hung in the bedroom, living room or another favorite spot in the home.
59. Glass Frame
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A custom glass frame is a classic, timeless piece for any living room or bedroom. Etch a special friendship message, such as your shared mantra or the year that you met.
60. Pet Parent
If your friend is a loving pet parent to a furry friend, make sure they’re taken care of this holiday season as well. A day at doggy daycare or a new set of toys for their cat will help show that you care about every aspect of their life.
61. Photo Cube
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Turn your favorite friendship photos into a decorative photo cube that’s ready to display. With five panels on each side, you can include photos from throughout your friendship—commemorating your early years and recent adventures.
62. Essential Oil Diffuser
If your friend is in to all things natural, make sure they have an essential oil diffuser to brighten up their home. This is a great way to add a soothing or energizing aroma to their home without burning candles or spraing air fresheners. Include a collection of essential oils so they can get started with their own blends.
63. Matcha Kit
Do you know a tea lover? Give them the gift of a matcha set—green tea powder that has lots of antioxidants and energizing qualities. Gift them a tin of ceremonial grade matcha, a bowl and a matcha whisk so they can brew their own every day.
64. Stepping Stone And Pot
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Fill your friend’s garden or patio with love. Design a stepping stone and pot with a quote, favorite memory or prayer. Whether the step will line their herbs or flowers, this garden stone will last through many growing seasons.
65. Hey, Bartender
For the cocktail connoisseur of the group, make sure they have all they need to experiment at their home bar. Include tools such as a shaker, shot glasses and a strainer. Pair with a new book of cocktail recipes to keep the inspiration alive.
66. Learn The Trade
Take their cocktail skills to the next level. If they’re already a pro around the home bar, schedule a mixology class for the two of you to learn some more tricks of the trade. This is great for learning something new and spending quality time together.
67. Custom Notebook
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Give your friend something truly beautiful to unwrap this year: a notebook for recording memories and ideas. Choose a cover design with their initials, a favorite quote or photo from a recent trip. They’ll love jotting down notes in this all year long.
68. Themed Photo Book
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Did you and your friend just go on a fun day trip? Remember your adventure with a themed photo book that includes photos of sights seen, foods eaten and roads traveled.
69. Souvenir Sentiment
On your day trip, be sure to bring back something special—a bottle of wine, a piece of pottery or even just a postcard to remember where you went. Save it for next Christmas to gift your friend and remind them of your fun time together.
70. Get Cheesy
Local cheese shops are always happy to teach you some tricks of the trade. Pair a collection of cheeses with their new cutting board and schedule a cheese tasting class together sometime in the spring. That way, you can both have all the skills you need to build the perfect charcuterie board.
71. Cocoa Mint Lip Balm
Source: Crazy Inspired Life

In the market for DIY Christmas gifts that are easy to make? This all-natural lip balm is super simple and only uses four ingredients. Pour the blend into small tubes for a hydrating and scrumptious-smelling chapstick. You can even add labels to the containers for a professional touch.
72. Photo Puzzle
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Is there a friend on your list who loves games and puzzles? Design a custom puzzle for them with family portraits, vacation photos or snapshots with their pets. They’ll love putting it together over a cup of hot cocoa or tea during the winter season.
73. Photo Shoot
If you’re an avid photographer, schedule a photo shoot with your friend’s family to spread the love of your craft. Print out shots of the family to gift your friend for a special reminder of the wonderful season.
74. Coffee Oatmeal Scrub Soap
Source: Cooking My Dreams

Whipping up handmade soap is easier than you may think, even if you’re not crafty at all. With an oatmeal soap base, you’ll only have to add a few ingredients, like ground coffee and vanilla powder. While this glorious scented soap is soothing, it’s also great at removing odors. Suggest that your friends keep this soap in the kitchen to reduce garlic and onion smells on their hands after cooking.
75. Corkboard Wall
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Don’t you love the colors in this vibrant corkboard display? If you’re in the market for secret Santa gifts or gifts for your coworkers, this idea might be perfect. They can display the board above their desk and then pin their favorite photos. The best part? They can change out of the photos at any time.
76. Desk Calendar
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Make each day a little brighter with a custom desk calendar. Gather photos of your friend’s favorites, from candids of their boyfriend to snapshots of their dog.
77. Jewelry Tray
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At the beginning and end of each day, we put on and take off our jewelry. Give your friend’s items a special resting place with a photo jewelry tray.
78. Beauty Hour
If your friend loves all things glam, make sure their space has all the tools it needs for them to look their best. A LED-lighted mirror will shed some light on their hair and makeup to ensure they feel amazing every time they walk out the door.
79. Personalized Perfume
Many people have a signature scent. Attend a perfume making class to craft an individualized aroma for your friend to wear. You can craft them something that reminds you of them, and ensure they always have a piece of you with them.
80. Framed Prints
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When you walk into a room, what do you notice first? Probably what’s on the walls. Invigorate your friend’s living room or bedroom with a framed photo. Choose a gorgeous photo from their recent vacation or trip to the park with their family.
81. Yogis In Training
Yoga is a great practice but can be tricky if you’ve never tried it before. Schedule classes for the two of you to take together if you’re both new to it. Gift them a new mat in their favorite color to help them enjoy their first class in style.
82. Let’s Fly A Kite
Kites aren’t just for kids! There are many large kites that ignite anyone’s sense of adventure. If your friend loves spending time outdoors, gift them a kite and go out on the first windy day of the year to have some fun and forget your worries.
83. Citrus Mint Salt Scrub
Source: Crazy Inspired Life

The fresh aroma of this salt scrub adds zest to any shower or bath experience. Stir up a batch in under five minutes using essential oils, grapefruit zest and sea salt. Not only does this mixture smell incredible, but it’s also antibacterial.
84. Hit The Road
Know an avid runner? Make sure they’re prepped for their next race—whether it’s a 5K or a marathon—with all the gear they need. New laces, socks and a sweatband will keep them focused on their feet.
85. Gone Surfin’
If you live near the beach, give your friend the gift of riding the waves. A new board with a surfing lesson will ensure they have a great time on the water. Summer can’t come soon enough!
86. Artsy Tea Towel
Source: Shutterfly

Does your friend enjoy cute home furnishings? Select artwork to print on a tea towel that they can use for serving morning muffins or drying their coffee mug.
87. DIY Essential Oil Spray
Source: Crazy Inspired Life

Blend witch hazel and essential oils to form a fragrant spray that will freshen a room, yoga mat or linens. Pour the blend into cute amber bottles for a relaxing gift they’ll use all year long.
88. Horseback Riding
If your friend loved riding horses as a kid, bring out that inner child with a day of horseback riding. Take them to the local stable for a day of riding and taking care of horses. Many stables allow you to bring a picnic lunch, so it’s a great way to have a mini-adventure for the day.
89. Custom Trivet
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The chef friend in your life will love this personal and practical gift. Choose a photo or message to place on the front for display during dinner parties and holiday gatherings.
90. 15-Bean Soup Jar
Source: Living Well Spending Less

Who doesn’t love a warm, delicious meal in the wintertime? Fill a mason jar with the ingredients for 15-bean soup along with a recipe. Your friend will love putting this easy dinner on the stove on a chilly night.

Our friends touch our lives and make our days more meaningful. They support us during the hard times and laugh with us when we need it most. Show your love and appreciation this Christmas season with a personalized gift that will last for years to come.

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