Why you need to use a planner to help you make the most of your time, be productive, and get rid of the feeling that time is slipping away.

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Lately, our days all feel the same.

It’s kind of like we’re stuck in a permanent Sunday, Groundhog Day-type situation. (thank you to those of you who are old enough to get that movie reference!)

And as the days pass by, we’re not going to piano lessons, baseball practices, birthday parties, or school plays.

The sameness of our days makes it feel like time is slipping by.

The last thing we think we need right now is a planner – because we really can’t plan for anything!

If you’re regretting your last planner purchase, it’s time to dust it off and put it to use.

Because while we’re stuck at home, our planners are tools that keep us moving forward and help us stay connected to the passing time.
Why You Need to Use a Planner

It helps you remember important events. Even if your “important events” these days are taking out the trash and remembering to feed your sourdough starter. You can use it for a daily to-do list. Pick 3 of your most important tasks for the day and write them in your planner. Cross them off as you finish them. Do this for long enough, and you can look back and see exactly how you’ve been spending your days in quarantine. You’re doing more than you think!
Related: 5 Tips to Make Your Daily Plan More Effective Use it to keep track of your child’s school schedule. Record Zoom meetings, tests, and other important school events in your planner so you don’t forget.
Related: Homeschool Room Ideas – How to Get Organized It helps you remember how long it’s been. Use your planner to track things like exercise, cleaning, and calling your best friend. When all the days feel the same, it can be hard to remember how long it’s been since you vacuumed your house. Tracking things on your planner can help you keep up. It keeps you current on bills. If you don’t use auto-bill pay, use your planner to remind you to pay your electric, gas, and water bills. You can use it to make progress on bigger projects. Break big projects into smaller steps and put those steps in your planner. Do one or two steps a day to keep making progress towards your goals. It helps you keep track of time. Feeling like the days run together isn’t a good feeling after a while. A planner can help you stay connected to the passing time, and keep you focused on your priorities. What’s the Best Planner to Use?
Which planner will work for you comes down to personal preference. 

However, I strongly recommend using a paper planner. 

Writing things down helps you retain information better, and a planner on your desk or countertop serves as a visual reminder that you have priorities you want to take care of every day.

Here are some options to consider:

Printable Planning Sheets – If you need something NOW, and can print it out, this printable planning sheets collection will do the trick. Keep your sheets in a 3-ring binder.
Erin Condren Life Planner – Treat yourself to a beautiful planner with weekly or hourly planning options. I’m using an hourly planner now, but I plan to switch to the vertical planning option in June. The Life Planner also comes in binder form.
These PetitePlanners are great for goal setting and project planning, or if you’re just starting to use a paper planner and want to test it out. This Year’s Planner Reviews – a huge list of planners to consider.
Prefer a digital option?

The Cozi app is FREE, and it’s great for planning, organizing meal plans and more. If you like having everything on your phone, this is an excellent planner. Go here to sign up and try it out.
A Weekly Home Management Routine Planner

If you need something to help you stay on track with your home management routines, grab the home management plan workbook. It’s a freebie, and it will help you set up your own customized plan.
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