Wires, wires everywhere, but not a single detangled one


We’re way too familiar with the sinking determination you face when trying to get to that home theater cord for game night, only to see that they have all culminated into a giant big mess, with no end or beginning. No matter how hard we swear to never let it happen again, it always does. And you’re face to face with what is a promising puzzle of cables, again. 

Since we cannot throw away all these wires and wish for a wireless haven, we have to organize them somehow. Here are 21 ideas that will help you to organize cables, cords, and wires. Tried and tested, consider them to be your saving grace. 
1. Bread Tie The Ends

Bread ties are aplenty available and can do than keep your bread fresh. Organize your wires by attaching bread labels to both ends of the cord. This is a great example of upscaling what you already own into a functional piece.
2. Label Maker to the Rescue
Label makers are so satisfying, that we are forever on the lookout for a way to use ours. And we found the use in organizing the cluttered wires. Labels help you identify each wire and its use, so you won’t mix them up in a huge tangle. By labeling both ends, you can easily figure which end goes where without breaking out the instruction manual each time.

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3. Washi Tape the Tails
Credit: Dabbles And Babbles

Add a bit of pop to your cables by covering them up in different colors. This will make flowing the trail of a wire easier, thereby making it easier to detangle. If this alone does not entice you, the way washi lightens up dull, boring wires will surely do.

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4. DIY Cable Cozy
Credit: Live It Love It Make It

Making your own cable cozy gives you the freedom to choose how many wire slots you require in different sizes. It is the perfect solution for avid travelers. Keeping all the necessary chargers in a designated lace guarantees you won ever lose them in your luggage or forget them behind in hotel rooms.
5. Leather Cord Roll
Credit: Brit

If sewing is not one of your talents, opt for this no sew leather holder. It’s ready in minutes and is a great way to store your wires separately so that they don’t tangle. It even comes with a latch to bind the wires together, which means they won’t be squirreling out anytime soon. Not to forget, the leather instantly adds a stylized touch to an otherwise drab item.
6. Wrap Earphones Around A Clothespin
Credit: Life Love Liz

The clothespin is great at keeping your earphones organized without damaging them. Since pins are lightweight and small in size, they can be easily thrown in your bag for daily traveling. You can even use different colored pins to distinguish between earphones belonging to different household members.
7. Bind Them Using A Binder Pin
Credit: Blue I Style

Binder pins are another low grease organization tip that can make a huge difference in organizing your wire cupboard. Use the steel ends of the pin to tuck away the ends of the cables, and tuck wrap the rest inside the pin. You can label the flat ends if the clips to recognize which wire is for what function.
8. Put On A Bow
Credit: Agusyornet

The easiest hack on the list, this recommends to just tie around a bow on your wires for when not in use. It is super non-committal, allowing you to change or discard the ribbons whenever needed.
9. DIY Cord Keepers
Credit: Leafy Treetop

Charging cables can be quite thick and bulky. It becomes harder to fit them in along with other small-time appliances, which is why this method is perfect for lugging them around without tangling them.

By making separate holders for each cable, you can tuck them away safely without running the risk of damaging the ends. The Velcro at the ends ensures that the wires don’t randomly spill out of their place.
10. Ziploc The Wires
Rains are the most dreaded disaster or anyone who carries along their wires to work daily. Perfect for every storage space, Ziploc bags not only keep your wires a=safe but also protect from dust water and other insects. Since these bags are available in almost every size imaginable, you can find one on Amazon to suit every kind of purpose you might have.
11. Get a Lego Man to Help
Credit: Design Intuition

Involve a few more hands to help you out while organizing, quite literally. Take a trip to your childhood and use the Lego people to hold up your wires for you. This is probably the most fun way to make sure that your wire ends are never lost n the deep abyss behind your furniture.
12. PVC Pipe Holders
Credit: Family Handyman

For the larger wires that cannot be stored in boxes, making a PVC mount is the best way to go around it. These pipes are available for cheap and can be converted into a DIY holder with the least possible elbow grease involved.
13. Use A Spectacle Case
For all our spectacled readers, dig through the cabinet for old cases to stow away wires. They can serve a double purpose of storing both your sunglasses and earphones on a beach trip, saving up on both space and time
14. Cork Them
Credit: The Kim Six Fix

Use this as an excuse to open up that new wine bottle. Corks paired with bungee ropes equals one of the easiest methods to organize cords.
15. Clip The Cables

Cable clippers keep the ends of your wires in place, which means they have no freedom to move about and create a mess on their own. They can be used as both, and organization device as well as a tool to make sure that the ends don’t move from their place.

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16. Use A Case for Tangle free wires

Silicon cases like the ones listed here are long-lasting and easy to use. They can be employed to segregate a number of wires, from charging cables to earphones and keep them tangle-free. Since they are so compact. You can even carry them around if the need arises.

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17. Fasten Them Up

Minimalism is the key to avoid overwhelm while sorting through your wires. These Velcro straps are functional and simple. They can be quickly removed and placed back just as fast. For the non-fussy kind, this is the best way to keep the wires in check.
18. Use A Mini Bag

If you’re looking to invest in a multi-functional bag, look no further. This electronics storage bag has 2 layers of Nylon forming multiple interior compartments with enough space to take in your cables, USB drive, cellphone, charger, mouse, kindle, mini-tablet and any other accessory you could think of.
19. Magnetic Cable Clips

These cable clips can perform so many tasks, but the one we’re most interested in how efficiently they can keep cables in check. You need to only roll up your wires and fasten on a clip. Voila! No more puzzle-solving when you need to charge your laptop again.

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20. Use Cable Clips

Cable clips can be used to tuck away your wires by twisting them around. Since they are designed to hold all kinds of wires, there is no added hassle of untying or rebinding them.
21. Cable Comb

What makes cable combs a good choice for taming your wire arsenal is the multitude of punctured holes arranged systematically. Using these, you can arrange your wires in a single place without having to buy multiple pieces of equipment. It also makes carrying different wires to the same setup so much easier.

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There you have it, a solution for every cord you could possibly own. Stick to a single idea or mix up a few to create a hack that works for you. Now the game night will be much more fun when you don’t have to spend an hour detangling all that mess.

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